Thorngate Tower

Status: 2023 Kickstarter

Our second game currently unscheduled for a Kickstarter Release.

A 1-5 Player Card Game featuring a tower climb with enough variation to ensure every experience is different.

Thorngate was once a bustling and thriving populace, a beautiful city surrounded by lush forests and breathtaking waterfalls. It was full of life and bursting with good fortune. The streets were lined with merchants selling a myriad of goods and services. People came from all over the land to enjoy and prosper in the capital city.

The great king Threvis was a benevolent leader and made sure the realm of Halitos and its people were well-fed and well protected. For years he was seen as the greatest leader the land had ever had and he was truly loved by his people.

One Winter, King Thevis became suddenly ill. Some say it was a random chance illness, others insist that it was a secret plot to overthrow the king. Threvis did not make it through to spring.

After the king’s death, the realm of Halitos fell into chaos. Waring factions arose, each with their own goals and ambitions on how the kingdom should be governed. Wars broke out, ending the centuries-old peace that had been kept and wiping out a great number of the population.

But while these factions fought over the lands and the crown, another more sinister plot lay unknown. In the deep wooded keep of Mapleborn, a dark and powerful wizard named Idornas used the confusion and chaos of the realm to his advantage. With the realm in the midst of war, the air with rich with blood and sorrow, Idornas used this great surge of death and despair to practice the ancient and the lost power of blood magic.

The blood magic having been cast out and forgotten in the centuries of peace and prosperity had left few tomes on its usage and power. Idornas not understanding this and meddling with powers he didn’t fully grasp unleashed a horrible event known as the Ruination.

The Ruination cursed the already wartorn lands, plunging them deep into darkness and chaos. All manner of foul beasts were spawned from the shadows, terrorizing the realm and forcing the remaining factions to band together in fortified safe zones in order to survive the horrors.

After years of hiding in fear and barely surviving, the leaders of the safe zones decide it was time to fight back, to choose the very best of them to lead the charge and begin the long and difficult task of taking back their lands. Thus the trials were born.

To choose their would-be champion, the leaders devised a test. They used the last of their powers to trap dark creatures and terrible beasts inside many of the abandoned towers on the outskirts of the safe zones. The ones who would be able to ascend the tower, gather the riches and defeat the evil locked within would be crowned champion and be chosen to lead their people in a quest to vanquish the darkness and restore the realm of Halitos to peace once more.”

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