Thorngate Tower is resting… Long live Thorngate Dungeon!

As you may have garnered from the title we have decided to put an indefinite hold on Thorngate Tower. This has been a very hard decision but we believe the correct one. The main catalyst for this has been the global shipping crisis. We want to be able to offer this game to backers at a GREAT price and currently with shipping containers costing around 10x what they normally cost this is just not viable for a company looking to produce their first game. Unfortunately it looks like this will be the case through 2022 and well into 2023…

So… How best to proceed. We don’t want to just shut up shop for 2 years and be in limbo… We have spent the last 3 months designing what will be a dedicated PnP single sheet roll and write which we can distribute at an extremely good price via Kickstarter. Voyages is an example of what we hope to achieve.

More details will come in due course however we are proud to announce that the game will be entitled “Thorngate Dungeon” with a logo being finalised and available to view in the coming days.

We hope you are understanding of our position on Thorngate Tower. It is not dead. It is resting until a time comes where we can make it a financially viable investment for you the backer.

We tentatively aim to have Thorngate Dungeon on Kickstarter first half of 2022.


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