March 2021 Update

Hey all hope everyone is well and nice to see we are finally coming towards the end of COVID-19. Its been a tough time for all and are deepest condolences go out to anyone who has lost a loved one due to the virus.

Where are we at? Well Thorngate Tower has been playtested to death! We hope to have the art concluded for the game in the coming few months and also a working mod on Tabletop Simulator. Its come on leaps and bounds and we believe that it will be very well received!

Our current timeline

March – April 2021 – Continuation of Playtesting and production of art and graphic design

May 2021 – All Artwork and Graphc Design complete for the game

June 2021 – Working prototype of the game uploaded to Tabletop Simulator and modest amounts of advertisement

July 2021 – Advertisement Campaign kicks into gear

August 2021 – Kickstarter Launch

September 2021 – Post Kickstarter begins

June 2022 – Games delivered to backers.

This is all of course tentative and subject to change but we are confident we can stick to it!

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