It’s been a while..

It’s been a while since our last blog update… there is a reason for this! We have spent the last couple of months in discussions with existing proven publishers that grew through the Kickstarter universe. The greatest and most important fact we learnt was that the size of your first published game can be critical to your success or failure.

Is Mapleborn a large game? Yes.

Is Mapleborn thoroughly tested? Yes.

Is Mapleborn capable of holding its own in today’s current market? Yes, we believe so.

Is Mapleborn capable of getting us where we need to be via Kickstarter? We are not sure…

Mapleborn is great. We know that and hopefully from What has been shown you do to however we feel it is a far more prudent approach for us to take one of our other significantly smaller projects forward to Kickstarter first. Mapleborn is not binned… it is simply moved to the waiting room to allow this smaller project through.

That game is well underway playtesting and prototyping and we believe can be a massive hit within the Kickstarter world. We thank Josh Culp for all he has done so far on Mapleborn and will continue to utilise Josh and his unique designs on that project however for this one we are taking a different direction.

We are eager to release more details around the game in due course but to begin with we will leave you with this fabulous piece of artwork from artist Alexander Jusay.

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