Mining In Mapleborn Logo – Update

You may remember a short while ago we released a blog post with some doodle art for the logo of forthcoming Kickstarter Mining in Mapleborn – Time To Doodle

Well the wonderful Josh Culp has been hard at work with this and has come up with the following as ideas!

I love the resources as the dots on the i’s in the middle design and really like the wooden effect of the bottom one! The pickaxes as the M seem to work really well together but I feel they maybe need to be larger than the rest of the word. This has been fed back and we shall await further updates!

These are all designed to go in the sky area of the below box art which is to be completed

Any suggestions are of course welcome! Please comment below or email us by clicking here

2 thoughts on “Mining In Mapleborn Logo – Update

  1. Particularly like the bottom one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Michael! That’s our fave too!


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