Mine Raiders – The Mine

So here we are. Artwork shown below not final but gives a good overview. This is where the meat of the game takes place.

All players start with a miner in the large open top left corner space. This is the entrance to the mine. Players as an action on their turn may move 1-3 spaces through the mine. The further they move the more fatigue they take (look out for our future article on fatigue!)

Each space holds 1 randomly selected resource. This could be Gold, Ruby, Iron, Emerald, or a Diamond (We shall review these also in a later article) and each have their own capabilities. The bottom left and top right corner spots house 2 resources and the bottom right holds 3 resources.

The area at the top is the secret passageway that can be used to smuggle diamonds out (again… a future article)

Any feedback welcome. Again as stated the artwork is not final.

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