Today I Backed on Kickstarter… Iwari

The first in a sporadic series we will run where once a Kickstarter is backed by ourselves we will post an updated list!

Today’s entry is Iwari

Players – 1-5

Time – 45mins

Age – Not Given

UK Delivered – £62 (Deluxe Edition)

Iwari is an abstract-like euro game where players represent different tribes who endeavor to define their identity by traveling and expanding settlements into five different types of regions in a strategy game of majorities.

Date Expected – Game (Original Date)

March – Getaway Driver

Late Mar – Clustered (Oct 18)

Late Mar – Gravity Warfare (Feb 19)

April – Wreck Raiders

Late Apr – Unbroken (Dec 18)

Late Apr – Dinoworld (May 19)

May? – Guild Masters (Mar 19)

May – Volfyrion

June – Coevorden

Late Jun – Jetpack Joyride (Mar 19)

Late Jun – Snowdonia (May 19)

July – Moonshiners of the Apocolypse

July – Set A Watch (Sep 19)

September – Luna

September – Throw Throw Burrito

October – Suburbia

October – Chocolate Factory

November – Tiny Epic Tactics

January – Iwari

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