Facebook – BGTC UK Game of the Month Polls

Above are the 6 games that have won the Facebook Board Game Trade and Chat UK Group Game of the Month Polls since it’s inception in May 2018.

The top 8 from the previous months final auto qualify for the Final 24 along with the top 16 from a qualification poll that’s run. Those 24 then get seeded into 3 groups of 8 with the top 3 in each progressing to the 9 game Final Poll.

It gives a very good view of what games are currently being played around the UK and also shows how quickly hype surrounding a game can die off. For example Keyforge was released in October 2018. It won the November Poll at a canter followed by another closer win in December. January 2019 it dropped to 8th!

Players are asked to vote based on their enjoyment factor and are only allowed to vote for a game they have played that month which keeps it fresh! Yes there may be some that choose to circumvent that as it can not be moderated however each month around 1,000 votes are cast and this negates any rogue voting!

We can also see from the results games that are staples. They consistently make the Semi Finals but no further. Enough people love them that they always qualify but can’t quite take that next step. Concordia have qualified in 7 of the 9 months finishing no higher than 5th. Great Western Trail has qualified in 8 of the 9 months finishing no higher than 7th going out in the semi finals 4 times.

All in all we love running the polls and hope people continue to use them and enjoy them


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