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What a great podcast this is… been a subscriber to them for over a year now and they just churn out quality content month after month. The right amount of humour mixed with enough different segments to make the 3hrs not feel too long.

They cover short reviews of games they have played privately, a large 40min review, plus a mini review of the main review from a year ago.. (that’s alot Of reviews!) Followed by the news with Tooooooooonnnnnyyy Topppppppperrrrrrr which highlights Kickstarters amongst other things and then a short topic which could be anything. Today’s was player interaction and there is alot to learn from these “short” topics.

I can not recommend it highly enough! Right up there with the Dice Tower for me in podcasts. This is not a review purely me going over my thoughts in a very non structured way! But go check it out!

2 thoughts on “The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

  1. I’ll have to check this one out and add it to my playlist. though I already have several that I listen to, and it’s getting hard to find the time – so much good content out there!

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    1. Can’t recommend this enough! 3 hours, well structured and some good comedy involved 🙂

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