Day 1… or is it Day 500?

So today is the day I begun reading through the “bible” for Kickstarter creators – The Stonemaier Kickstarter Lessons.. There is so much content there to absorb and appreciate it’s difficult to know where to start! So I have chosen here… to get a 1st blog post sorted. So this is Day 1… or Day 500 give or take if you want to look back to when we first started developing Mine Raiders!

We began reviewing our first draft logos for the company today. Hopefully in the coming days we will get some more where issues are corrected and we can finally settle on something!

We love all the designs however feel they don’t fit the design of what we are looking for as a company. They come across to us as aiming at a slightly younger audience than we will be targeting.

We have requested amendments and hope to have these by Tuesday starting with looking to use something to represent the B1G in our company name. We have suggested a troll or over so will be interesting to see what comes back!


3 thoughts on “Day 1… or is it Day 500?

  1. I agree, the designs definitely put one in mind of a company aimed at the younger generation.
    You’ve got to get the logo right; it could go on to represent the company for a long time and you don’t want to be stuck with something that just isn’t right, and regret your decision.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts, completely agree and hopefully the 2 on a later blog are more to people’s liking 🙂

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